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Buddhism Multi-Week Meditation Course Series


Topic: Enlightened Living (Part III)

Buddhism Course Series is a multi-week meditation course that builds on each subsequent class. The course series is made up of weekly meditation sessions and classes that will cover material in more depth and allow people to dive deeper into topics that cannot be covered in just one day.


The course will be led by Venerable Dr. Nicholas Thanissaro.

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POSTPONED - to be determined

Dhammakaya International Meditation Center

865 E. Monrovia Place

Azusa, CA 91702



Session 1: 

  • Respect: Looking for the goodness in others

Session 2: 

  • Humility: Overcoming arrogance in oneself 

Session 3: 

  • Contentment: Overcoming unsatiated materialism


Session 4: 

  • Gratitude: Sowing the seeds of altruism

Session 5: 

  • Listening Regularly to Dhamma Teachings: Transmission of the Dhamma

Session 6: 

  • Patience: More than just grinning and bearing it...

Session 7: 

  • Openness to Criticism: Overcoming the obstinacy that stands in the way of self-improvement

Session 8: 

  • The Sight of a True Monk: The sort of monks that might be able to teach you something

Session 9: 

  • Regular Discussion of the Dhamma: Special care required when discussing transcendental topics



Registration will commence once new dates for series are confirmed. 

Due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, all public events are suspended until further notice. Click here for schedule of live online sessions.
As of June 2021, In-Person Meditation Session is Now Available by Appointment.