Venerable Dr. Nicholas Thanissaro is a Buddhist monk from the UK. He has been a monk for over twenty years and has over thirty years of meditation experience. Venerable Nicholas pioneered popular meditation courses in Europe since 1997 and has had several guest television appearances, audio CD's, books, book translations, and academic articles to his name. He is also a UK Complementary Medical Association qualified teacher of meditation.


Special Q&A Session with Venerable Nicholas


Venerable Anuchit (Andrew) Tikkhaviro is a Buddhist monk and meditation instructor. He has been a monk for over fifteen years and has over twenty years of meditation experience. Before entering the monkhood, Venerable Andrew received his Master's degree in Computer Engineering at San Jose State University in San Jose, California. Venerable Andrew has over ten years of experience in teaching meditation in a variety of settings, including universities, schools, hospitals, and in meditation centers in the US, Denmark, South Africa, and many countries in Asia.  

Special Q&A Session with Venerable Andrew



Venerable Prasit (Peter) Thitichayo has been a monk for over 20 years. He first ordained at the age of 12 at Wat Wiengkasem, a forest temple, in Thailand before pursuing meditation training and the study of Pali, a Buddhist scriptural language, at Dhammakaya Temple in Thailand. Venerable Peter holds a level 6 mastery in Pali studies and a B.S. in Buddhist Theology from Dhammakaya Open University. He came to Washington D.C. to learn English before taking residence at the Dhammakaya International Meditation Center in Azusa, California.

Special Q&A Session with Venerable Peter



Venerable Sophon Panyasopanoe first began practicing meditation in the summer of 1994 when he spent 2 months at an ordination program at the Dhammakaya Temple in Thailand. He has been working for the Dhammakaya Temple since 1999 and for the US branches since 2000, including meditation centers in New Jersey, Washington D.C., and California. Venerable Sophon received full ordination as a Buddhist monk in 2014 and currently teaches meditation to both kids and adults at the Dhammakaya International Meditation Center in Azusa, California.



Venerable Pasura Dantamano is the Chief of the International Relations Division at the Dhammakaya Temple in Thailand. He has dedicated his life in spreading meditation worldwide and traveled to over 76 countries to teach meditation.

Special Q&A session with Venerable Pasura on Maintaining the Mind in a Fast-Paced World

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