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Peace Point Meditation provides meditation outreach programs at various locations to help people of all ages enjoy the benefits of stress reduction, increased mental clarity, and the improvements in overall mental and emotional health that come with the practice of meditation.



Dhammakaya International Meditation Center (DIMC) in Azusa, California has been running its own onsite courses and retreats for over 20 years and has a set of experienced meditation instructors that are able to teach participants the heart of meditation practice at a professional level. The outreach program is for local organizations that are interested in having the potential benefits of meditation brought onsite to their location.



We offer meditation sessions to all types of organizations from Public Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Senior Centers, and any other organization that has people that would benefit from stress reduction and greater mental well-being. By reaching out to local organizations, we hope to share meditation and its benefits with people unable to travel to our location or who would not think of trying out meditation otherwise.


Are you interested in bringing the benefits of meditation into your workplace? Companies often provide onsite and/or off-site workshops to employees in order to invest in their workforce. We believe meditation workshops are something that can be especially helpful to a company’s workforce, as the benefits of meditation such as stress reduction and heightened focus can result in significant improvements in productivity and worker satisfaction.


If you are interested in booking a meditation session for your organization, feel free to contact us at


Azusa City Library


Elementary School in Topanga

นำนั่งที่มหาวิทยาลัย Cal Poly.jpg

California State University, Pomona

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