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JANUARY 21, 2018

On January 21, 2018, DIMC Azusa launched Peace Point Meditation. Peace Point is a program that focuses on improving the lives of people by helping them find inner peace through meditation. Over 50 people attended the event to learn about meditation and the new program. The event included exhibitions detailing the program, meditation, and about DIMC and Dhammakaya in general. The kick-off introduced the attendees to the course offerings and format of the program; which includes seminar style classes, a comprehensive multi-week course series, times for an open walk-in meditation room, and opportunities for participants to have informal discussions with the meditation instructors. The event included a guided meditation led by Venerable Dr. Nicholas Thanissaro, and concluded with a candle lighting ceremony to symbolize how the spread of peace can begin with just one. The event proved to have been a successful start for the new program and an encouraging sign about the potential for the spread of inner peace in the LA area.

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