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JUNE 8 TO 10, 2018

From June 8 to 10, 2018, Peace Point Meditation met for its first 3-Day Retreat at Dhammakaya Int'l Meditation Center in Azusa. The retreat was led by three teaching monks: Venerable Dr. Nicholas Thanissaro, Venerable Wuthichai Panyavuttho, and Venerable Sophon Panyasopanoe. During the retreat, participants learned about Buddhist temple practices and had the opportunity to practice having mindfulness throughout the day. Discussions for the retreat included Positive Thinking, Overcoming Meditation Obstacles, and deeper Buddhist topics such as Law of Karma, Buddhist Eight Precepts, and Buddhist Leadership.  The participants were reminded that

  • People of all races, religions, and backgrounds, no matter how different can all meditate and attain the peace within.

  • Meditation is the source of wisdom. Once we stop thinking, we will enjoy serenity and attain wisdom within, leading to wiser solutions while nourishing ourselves with knowledge and pure energy.

  • A skill in meditation is something you must build from the ground up as everything starts from the ground up. So don't forget to practice meditation daily!

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